Additional visual options include:

Slide projection
16mm Loops



We take live video mixing to the next level.  Using multiple non-linear editing systems on location, we are able to recall, edit, and customize any of hundreds of loops within seconds!  This enables us to match our visuals to the music being played without waiting on tapes.  We mix the loops, prerecorded video, and video feeds from hardware that produces images and patterns from the live audio, to produce an incredible display that will change the way a party feels!

We produce new loops all the time, and on location.  Give us an Idea at a party, and watch us create it before your eyes.

Producing these incredible, non-stop visuals is what made people notice us.  Come see us at an upcoming event!

Example Packages:

We provide a projector, vcr, and a prerecorded tape or two (suggest you supply tapes)
(No operator)
2 Projectors
Live video mixing
Non-linear playback/editing systems
Multiple VCRs
Multiple oerators
Mind Blowing!
3 Video projectors
Live video mixing
Non-linear playback/editing systems
Multiple VCRs
Video from audio effects
Multiple operators
Custom animations and logo
Slide projectors
Promotion (flier distrobution) at any of our functions preceeding yours



These images are stills from some of our clips. We mix the clips together in real-time to create a completely incredible visual experience!